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Eka Parisachi Katha


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An Excellent Work On The Words. Simple Yet Lucid Language. Sets Your Mind In A Whirlwind. Each Story Is Worth Reading. However You Think, Whatever You Believe In, There Is Always Uncertainty At The End. You Do Believe Life, But There Is An Amount Of Hesitation In Everything That You Believe, Really, Truly. Your Faith Reflects Some Percent Of Uncertainty. This All Is Inevitable. Each Person Is Tied With This Universe In An Unknown Bond. At The Same Time, He Or She Is Also Connected To Persons, Relations, Institutions, Cultures And So On, On Different Levels. In The Long Run, The Connection That Each One Has With The Universe Is Multiple Dimensional. The Mere Thought Of Unravelling The Knots Will Create Such Force That The One Who Is Trying To Attempt It Might Be Thrown Out Of This Universe.