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Ek Payri Var


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Dreams Are Dreams And Cannot Be Named As Truth Of Life, Nonetheless Everyone Enjoys Them. Still, Someone Somewhere Gathers The Strength To Come Out Of These Dreams And Start Journey In The Upward Direction, In Search Of Evolution Just One Step At A Time On The Steep Staircase, Difficult, Breathtaking, Tiringstill Just One More Step Every Time.That Is Life A Feeling Of Suffocation From Every Side, And No It Is Not Just A Feeling. It Is The Failing Of Mind And Body And Soul. What Is Needed The Most? Just Some Fresh Air To Fill My Lungs. I Want To Come Out Of All The Sufferings. I Am Dying For A Touch Of Love, A Gesture Of Concern. And How I Want It I Am Trudging Along The Way, My Feet Are Swollen, My Soles Are Cracked. How I Wish To Float On The Air Now, Like A Free Bird I Am Tired Of These Bombarding Words And Fights That Follow I Am Dying For The Words Full Of Care.. There Is No End To These Hopes And Yet They All Seem To Be Vacuous, I Just Want A Firm Mind And Some Life Around Me Just Tell Me One Thing, Will You Give Me Some Free Air, Some Love And Some Concern And No More Indifference Will You Offer Me A Path Lined With Petals And Not Thorns Will You Whisper In My Ears With Love And Not Shout With Hatred. Will You Take Me With You Far Away From Fear.? Will You???