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Ek Divas


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Many Indian Generations Have Successfully Established Themselves In America. Every Indian Has A Curiosity To Peep Into The Day-To-Day Life Of An American. We All Are Attracted To This Richest And Strongest Country. Shobha Chitre Comes Up With Many Short Stories, All About Americans, Their Culture And The Lifestyle Of Indians Who Have Settled Down In America. Each Story Has A Strong And True Base. Each Tells Us More And More About The Culture There, The Way People Think And Plan Their Future, The Way They Embrace Life And Find Out Solutions For Each Problem. These Stories Help Us To Learn Many Good Things About America And At The Same Time Assist Us To Probe Into Our Minds To Shed Away The Wrongful Notions We Have Developed Over The Years. Shobhas Language Is Simple And Hence Touches The Core Of Our Heart. Since Last 40 Years She Has Lived In Us Yet, She Has Not Left Her Basic Culture Anywhere Out In The Open. She Has Managed To Balance Between Her Indian Upbringing And American Thinking. This Harmonious Blend Has Helped Her To Adapt Herself To Her Environment. While Doing So, Her Sensitive Mind Has Always Been Fascinated By The Realistic Nature Of Americans. She Presents This Nature In A Superbly Cool Manner And A Neutral Way Yet Captivates Our Minds With Her Aesthetic Sense.