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Diwalkhoritun Samruddhikade : Pravas Bharatiya Railwaycha


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With as many as 14 lakh employees, 63 thousand kilometers of rail track, and a daily count of 1500 trains plying on the hundreds of routes, the Indian Railways found this difficult to sustain and towards 2005, stood on the verge of bankruptcy. The four years after this, however, were landmark years, for it changed the course of this mammoth institution. By 2008, there was a complete turnaround, and the Railways now had net profits of over six million dollars. This book gives valuable information about this incredible success story. The authors do not fail to give facts and figures, citing statistics and instances to help readers understand how this was achieved. Without burdening the common passenger and by employing innovative techniques, the story of the Railways makes for a well compiled serious reference book.