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Collective Energy


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They chose the field of IAS with a dream in their mind. In the changing situations the only constant thing was the desire for social welfare. Even the glory of their high position could not distract them. They have shown the world that much better things can be done for the common people without crossing the governmental frames.

Inspiring stories of 12 such IAS officers in their own words. These include: 

1. Chandrakant Dalvi
2. Shravan Hardikar
3. Abhishek Krishna
4. Chandrashekhar Oak
5. Vikas Deshmukh
6. A. L. Jarhad
7. Tukaram Mundhe
8. Saurabh Rao  
9. Pravin Gedam
10. Nitin Khade
11. Rahul Ranjan Mahiwal
12. Shyam Vardhane