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Char Zabardast Funde


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Everyone Loves To Have Ideas. But Nobody Can Tolerate Others Having Specific Fundas. Still, The Four Fundas Presented Here Will Surely Captivate Your Mind. Together, These Fundas Will Enrich Your Life Adding Vibrant Colour To It. They Will Give A Tangy Taste To Otherwise Dull Life. They Have The Power Of Releasing All The Stresses That You Might Be Feeling And Presenting A Tension-Free Life For You, Exclusively. All The Four Fundas Are Important, Yet The Fourth One Is The Most Special One. You Yourself Will Feel The Difference. You Will Feel Feather-Light. This Book Is Based On Day-To-Day Life Experiences Which Makes It So Simple. This Book Will Be Liked And Welcomed By You And Above It Will Be Surely Practiced By You..