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Char Athavadyat Vajan Kami Kara!


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You may have tried dieting before, but have you ever managed to change your shape in just four weeks? Namita Jain, a renowned wellness expert, draws on her experience of twenty years as a weight management and fitness specialist to design a diet regime that you can easily work into your everyday schedule. And if you follow it properly, you could drop a trouser size a month, or maybe even two!

What's more, there is no need to run to the grocery store for unheard-of ingredients, no elaborate preparations, no tasteless, colourless dishes that force you to give up in despair. This diet uses vegetables and masalas found in every Indian kitchen to create meals that are oil-free, calorie-free, yet delicious to eat. The recipes involve minimum fuss, yet add that irresistible aroma to your food without the oil.

The Four-week Countdown Diet includes: 

  • Diet and workout plans suited to your individual needs 
  • Tips on how to stock your kitchen and bar 
  • Easy-to-make recipes Simple exercises you can do at home 
  • Everything you need to know about spas, saunas and weight-loss gadgets
  • Real life examples from clients

So don't wait. Make a difference to your life now!

About the Author:
Namita Jain is a highly respected lifestyle and weight-management specialist and authority in the wellness industry. She holds prestigious international certifications in several fitness-related disciplines and has been actively involved in the wellness space for over twenty years, offering holistic guidance and teaching hundreds of students to get fitter, faster. She is a clinical fitness specialist at Bombay Hospital in Mumbai, structuring training programmes for patients with special needs, training the trainers and conducting specialized classes. Namita writes a variety of columns for leading newspapers and magazines in India, covering health issues such as nutrition, exercise and related topics. She can be reached through her websites, and