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Odell Deefus may be a little dumb, but when he discovers a freshly dug grave at the back of Dean Lowry's house, he understands that it's intended for him. When he finds an old lady's corpse in the freezer, he knows that she has been murdered. And when the bomb in his car explodes, levelling every building in the vicinity, and Odell must suddenly hide the body of a terrorist, even he recognises that things are getting seriously weird. This blackly funny novel of our times follows what happens when Odell Deefus takes one wrong turn on the journey of his life and crashes into a world of oddballs, misfits, drug-dealers, religious fanatics and crooked cops, hypocrisy, torture and bloody murder.In Callisto, Odell Deefus discovers a vast web of corruption and deceit leading to the dark heart of America. Imagine the Coen Brothers directing a movie about what happens when Forrest Gump is mistaken for Osama Bin Laden, and you end up with Callisto, a full-throttle satire of contemporary America, a novel of imaginative exuberance and darkly funny audacity