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Blood Money


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Fans Of Complex British Police Procedurals Will Find A Great Deal To Like In Det. Insp. Tom Mariner's Fourth Investigation, The First Available In The U.S. After A Raid On An Establishment Where Young Female Immigrants Are Held In Sexual Slavery, Mariner Is Looking Forward To A Holiday With His Significant Other, Anna, But The Trip Is Postponed When Mariner's Station Receives An Alert About Infant Jessica Klinnemann, Abducted From A Reputable Day-Care Center. Possible Abductors Include An Infertile Woman From The Local Hospital, An Antiday-Care Advocate, And An Animal Rights Activist Protesting Jessica's Father's Work. When A Local Vicar Finds A Happy, 6, 82y Jessica On The Church Doorstep, Mariner Knows The Hard Work Is Just Beginning. Despite A Disappointingly Untidy Ending, Readers Will Enjoy The Police Work And Look Forward To Future Mariner Stories.