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Bhokarvadichya Goshti


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Yet Another Set Of Stories 14 In All, Based On The Characters Living In Bhokarwadi. A Glimpse On A Few Of Them: Shiva Jamdade And His Team, Lost In Dreams Of Establishing Bhokarwadi High To Extract Kerosene From The Well And Earn Like Never Before Nana Chengat Lost In The Lust Of Hidden Treasures, Roaming From One Place To Another Babu Wrestler Decides To Go On A Long Lasting Fast, But Just A Day Before His Announced Fast He Consumes A Lot Bapu Had Promised His Wife That He Will Take Her For A Movie After He Is Able To Sell The Mawa, But Could He Keep His Promise? How Did The Headmaster Allow Bawale Sir To Continue With His Bad Habit Of Consuming Nasal Tobacco? Really, What A Lot Is Happening At Bhokarwadi! We All Must Visit This Place And Witness The Happenings. The Comedy Is Something Not To Miss.