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Bhartiya Bhashanche Loksarvekshan (Hard Cover)


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The Marathi (Maharashtra) edition of the biggest linguistic survey conducted in India. The People’s Linguistic Survey of India (PLSI) envisions the creation of a Linguistic Survey rooted in people’s perception of language.
PLSI as a nation wide survey is being carried out by members of respective communities, writers, cultural activists, scholars of intangible heritage, practitioners of oral arts and traditions, responsible citizens interested in working out alternate ways of development and scholars who believe in maintaining organic links between scholarship and the social context.
Peoples' Linguistic Survey of India programme initiated by Bhasha Research and Publication Centre is funded by Sir Jamsetji Tata Trust, Mumbai.

This is claimed to be the biggest linguistic survey undertaken in this century. Irish linguistic scholar George Abraham Grierson had conducted the Linguistic Survey of India from 1898 to 1928.

Dr. Ganesh N. Devy is the President of PLSI.

The survey, Dr. Devy said, has revealed that the north-eastern parts of the country have one of the highest per capita language densities in the world. According to him, the difficult topography of the region and the history of the tribal communities could have led to such a situation.

Of the 50 volumes, about 30 will be devoted to the States and the Union territories of the country, and the remaining will showcase the scheduled, tribal, coastal and sign languages.