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This Is The True Story Of Latifa Ali, Betrayed By Her Family And Friends And Kept As A Prisoner Byher Father In Iraq. She Has No Allies, No Liberty As A Muslim Woman And No Access To Theaustralian Consulate.As The War On Terror Rages Around Her, Latifa Is At War With Her Culture And Customs.Imprisoned, Abused And Violated, Her Efforts To Escape Iraq Fail And Her Death Looms Closer.She Grew Up Wearing Bikinis On An Australian Beach, But Was Forced Into Full Muslim Dress.Working As A Spy, Consorting With The Un And Racing For The Border, Latifa Knows That The Onlyway To Save Her Life Is To Keep Her Secret And Make An Escape.A Harrowing Story Of Independence And Perseverance. Find Out Why She Still Lives In Fear For Her Life.The Story: Latifa Was Born In Iraq But Her Family Moved To Australia To Escape After The Realthreat Of Being Hunted And Killed By Sadam Husein.