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Balatkarachi Prakarane Hataltana...

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A brief guide for Police, Doctors, Lawyers, Judges, Journalists and common citizens who play an important role in handling rape cases. This guide - drafted by well-known lawyers and Human Rights Analysts Adv. Asim and Adv. Rama Sarode - reinforces the importance of sensitivity which is needed while handling cases of rape.

From research, it is proven that rape is rarely sexually motivated. It is most often a crime of hate, anger, and violence in which the rapist uses sex as a weapon to inflict harm and humiliation upon the victim. Sometimes the victim is a substitute target for the rapist's anger against women as a group, or even against society itself. Rape is both an emotional and physical assault. The emotional shock of rape often does greater harm
to the victim than does the actual physical assault. Rape victims may show fear, anxiety, anger, and shock. And hence, sensitivity is what is needed while handling such cases.

A must-read guidebook for all practicing lawyers and police.