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What Is A Cover? The "MAYA' Which Engulfs The Truth In The Folding Of Oblivion Is The Cover. Since I Gained Manhood, I Have Been Often Wondering About The Truth And Untruth, It Has Made My Life Impossible. This Same Problem Has Surfaced Up On A National Level Through This Book. It Is Very True That Those Who Are Living Today Are Not Responsible For The Actions Done In The Past By Someone Else. But If We Are Going To Take The Credit Of Being The Descendants Of Our Ancestors Then We Will Have To Carry On The Responsibilities For The Deeds Done By Them. Maturity Does Not Lie Only In Gaining From History; On The Contrary Maturity Is Revealed More Properly If One Succeeds In Cutting The Umbilical Cord Binding One To The History. This Is Applicable To All The Human Beings Apart From His Or Her Religion, Caste, Creed, And Personality. Dr. S.L. Bhairappa