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Atmaparivartan Aur Safalta Shikhar Kaise Prapt Kare (With VCD) -


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Are you a victim of laziness? Do you lack training and education? Are you lacking knowledge and information you need to succeed? Do you have inadequate influence on people? Are you interested in self- transformation and self- development? Do you want to reach the peak of success? All these shortcomings can be overcome and you can achieve a greater goal if you take advantage of the ‘Law of Group.’ Every successful scientist, artist, and world leader knowingly or unknowingly has taken advantage of this law. In fact, every successful trade, every successful radio and TV program, every successful film, every successful organization is the outcome of this special law. The poorest of the poor also can take advantage of this law provided he is ready to obey the rules of the group. The law of group scheme is, in fact, the law of a common goal. In a group in which all the members come together around one common goal, each member benefits from the ideas of all the other members as well as the goals, action plan and motivation provided by the group. True success is not possible without the aid of a powerful team. Reading this book will teach you how to avail yourself of its power and benefits. The goal of this book is to make the power of of a group a boon for you. About Author Sirshree's Introduction Sirshree’s spiritual quest, which began during his childhood, led him on a journey through various schools of thought and meditation practices. The overpowering desire to attain the truth made him relinquish his teaching job. After a long period of contemplation, his spiritual quest ended with the attainment of the ultimate truth. Sirshree says, “All paths that lead to the truth begin differently, but end in the same way—with understanding. Understanding is the whole thing. Listening to this understanding is enough to attain the truth.” To disseminate this understanding, Sirshree devised Tejgyan—a unique system for wisdom—that helps one to progress from self-help to self-realization. He has delivered more than a thousand discourses and written over fifty books. His books have been translated in more than ten languages and published by leading publishers such as Penguin Books, Hay House Publishers, Jaico Books, etc. Sirshree’s retreats have transformed the lives of millions and his teachings have inspired various social initiatives for raising global consciousness.