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Advocate Mangaonkar Uses The Court Case Of Jerbai Verses Mhadu Vaiti Before High Court Regarding Landed Property At Malad For Blackmailing. In This Case Environment Expert Dr. Katiyar, Member Of Parliament Harihar, Kukri Gang And Aghorpanthi Sarprajmaharaj Are Involved. The Project On Malad Land Comes Under Red Due To Environment Report Of Kailash Jahagirdar. Kukri Gang Murders Mhadu Vaiti And Jahagirdar. Sarprajmaharaj Gets Mushi Katyar And Idol Of Goddess Iradi To Perform Human Sacrifice Ceremony. They Also Kidnap Asmita, The Daughter Of Colonel Fursungikar For The Ceremony. Police Officer Sanjay Patil Goes In The Ashram Of Sarprajmaharaj To Find Out Her. Sarprajmaharaj Try To Kill Him. Sanjay Try To Find Out Her At Alibaug Under The Guidance Of Prashnakundali Knowledge Of Astrologer Shri Gurumani. Sarprajmaharaj Experiments Karnabheda On Sanjay Patil. Shri Gurumani Saves The Life Of Sanjay Patil With The Help Of Mritunjaya Yajna. The Kukri Gang Attacks On Sanjay Patil At Alibaug. Sanjay Confined At Alibaug Fort. Sanjay Extricates Asmita From Alibaug Fort. He Knows The Mystery Of Goddess Iradi From Dr. Patrikar And Shri Shevale. Sanjay Obstructs The Court Work Of Justice Barchiwala Of High Court With The Help Of Shri Gurumani. Due To Demand Of Jahagirdar Report Harihar And Kukri Gang Become Furious. They Murder Advocate Mangaonkar. Sanjay Kills Harihar In A Fashion Of Kukri Gang. The People Of Harihar Become Suspicious Of Kukri Gang And Destroy Them. Beliefs And Non Beliefs Of Shodashpuja, Yoga 29, 82 And Hindu 31, 82 Is Explained In This Novel On Scientific Base. Importance Of Ayurveda Is Analyzed On Logical Relationship With Western Allopathy And Psychology. The Morale Of Writing The Novel Is To Understand The Common People The Logical 11, 82 Base Behind The Vedas, The Upanishadas, The Gita And God Goddess Of Hindu Religion. So Also For Mass Awareness Against Bad Practice In Aghorpanth And Corrupt Code Of Conduct In Daily Social Life. The Full Name Of Author Is Shri Suryakant Hari Jadhav. He Was Born At Village Kololi Tal. Panhala Dist. Kolhapur On 19th July 1957. He Is Bsc.(HONS) Ll B.(SPL.). He Completed His Education At Kolhapur. Afterwards, He Is In State Government Service At Mantralaya, Mumbai. He Has Hobbies Of Reading, Movies And Art.