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Arthachya Shodhat


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A Prominent Viennese Psychiatrist Before The War, Viktor Frankl Was Uniquely Able To Observe The Way That He And Other Inmates Coped With The Experience Of Being In Auschwitz. He Noticed That It Was The Men Who Comforted Others And Who Gave Away Their Last Piece Of Bread Who Survived The Longest - And Who Offered Proof That Everything Can Be Taken Away From Us Except The Ability To Choose Our Attitude In Any Given Set Of Circumstances.Nnthe Sort Of Person The Prisoner Became Was The Result Of An Inner Decision And Not Of Camp Influences Alone. Only Those Who Allowed Their Inner Hold On Their Moral And 11, 82 Selves To Subside Eventually Fell Victim To The Camp's Degenerating Influence - While Those Who Made A Victory Of Those Experiences Turned Them Into An Inner Triumph.Nnfrankl Came To Believe That Man's Deepest Desire Is To Search For Meaning And Purpose. This Outstanding Work Offers Us All A Way To Transcend Suffering And Find Significance In The Art Of Living.