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Anu-urja Ek Paryay


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Growing demand for electricity has become a subject of concern, making it obvious to tap and research different sources of generating energy. Nulcear Power is one such source in which the government is taking interest and there are many views about it. The Fukushima event surely has put people in India in a lot of confusion, and the subject of Nuclear Power into controversy. With all this background, this book takes into consideration all the facts and analyzes Nuclear Power from all directions.

The author has given in this book the scientific information, the technology, the economics of Nuclear Power and analyzed the Chernobyl & Fukushima event, availability of Natural resources, nuclear policies and Nuclear Waste. Also, have been given suggestion about managing the nulcear waste. The book will surely be useful for people interested in India-America Nuclear pact, future of energy and the possibility of realizing Homi Bhabha's dream.