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Antarikshyachya Antarangaat


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It Is Very True That If You Are Interested In Astronomy Then The Study Of Maths And Physics Is Essential. Some May Find These Subjects Very Intricate And Complicate Yet There Is No Other Alternative To This. Still, There Are People Who Are Interested In The Space Just For The Sake Of Interest. For People With Such Open Minds, This Book Is A Blessing. As We Turn Pages And Move Forwards On The Path Of Lines Based On The Celestial Bodies, We Come To Know More And More About Them. In Her Flowing Style, The Author Introduces Us To All The Members Of The Planetary System. The Book Does Not End Here. There Are Many Planets Outside Our Planetary System. The Way To Learn More About Them Is Different. The Author Takes Us There Revealing The Facts About Them. She Makes Her Information Interesting By Shading In Vibrant Colours. The Articles Included In This Book Are Based On Variety Of Topics Such As Various Types Of Binoculars, The Universe That Opens Before Us Through These Binoculars, The Miracles Like Gravitational Lenses Etc. She Has Even Used This Opportunity To Present The Steady State Of Universe And The Bing Bang Concept Which Have Not Yet Been Understood Fully By The Great Many Scientists.