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Rogascha Aahar Sambhavaha Charak Sutra Sthan 28 Food Is The Root Cause Of All Diseases. This Eternal Truth Was Cited By Charakacharya. In The Charak Era Water, Food And Environment Were Not Adulterated Or Polluted. In 21st Century Pollution, Pesticides, Refined Processed Food And Sedentary Life Style, Dragges Us To Life Style Diseases. It Is Mandatory That We Should Understand The 29, 82 Of Nutrition, For Disease Free 6, 82y Long Life. Annapuran Ayurvedic Adhunik Unfolds Golden Ayurvedic Treasure Of Dietetic Principles With Nutritional Properties Of Non Vegetarian Food, Milk And Milk Products, Fruits, Vegetables, Cereals, Pulses And Spices. The Modern Medicinal Properties Of All Ingredients Above Are Discussed In Detail. The Book Is Unique Blend Of Ayurvedic And Modern 31, 82.