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The involvement of one of the major pillar of Hindawi Swaraj, Netaji Palkar in Mughal’s and unfortunately changing his nationality and religion; returning back after a long time span; acceptance of Shivaji Maharaj by changing his religion again to Hindu; and many such sad incidences were not happened unanimously or coincidentally. They were made to happen unknowingly by Maharaj, which was a part of their political gesture to play behind the backs; where as, the brave and cruel Badshah Aurangzeb disturbed all their political games. This all unavoidable situations were ought to face by them, no matter what, prominently states Shrikalyaniraman Bennurvar in his book ‘Agnidivya’. Many of the secret discussions are not noted on a paper and it becomes difficult to search for it in the ancient heaps later. Based from the logic made from historical documents, some slight mentions, and indicative references, we can judge such secret planning. Historical authors state a huge span of time in just two lines, but it has taken rigorous hard work mixed with the emotions of the people included in it. With the available content of information, author tries to keep all the knowledge in front of us. The same way, this author has tried to look beyond the selective incidences. Undoubted loyalty of Shivaji Maharaj towards his religion and Swaraj; his clear views about ‘what to do’ and ‘how to do’; love and trust towards each member of his troupe, as a result of which they were ready to do any kind of unimaginable and breathtaking scenes , easily and flawlessly, would offer their lives for Swaraj as well. Why is it so? The answer for this could not be found in the heaps of ancient papers. To get this questions answered by judgements, logics, and unique power of mind, is what this histo-political novel ‘Agnidivya’ by Shrikalyaniraman Bennurvar narrates.