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Agarkar: Vykati Ani Vichar


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The multi faceted personality of Agarkar was adorned with qualities like purity, nobility and magnificence. He performed every role ideally including that of a student, teacher, writer, editor and a social reformer. His personal characteristics were reflected in his writing and teaching effectively and strongly. His vision, love for truth, fervour, solicitude, etc. were blended harmoniously in his writing. He is one of the topmost essay writers among the Marathi writers. It is not just his art of expressing but his skill as a writer and a profound thinker that made his work so impressive. His strong affection towards society helped him create wonders with words. He tried intently to make this world a better place for all to survive well. He might not have studied the true form of an essay or its techniques but he had definitely given a strong consideration to the reasons that tied us to slavery for years to come. His writing is thought provoking and is based on his intent study of society. Agarkar aimed to awaken the society. Unintentionally, he mastered many aspects of good literature writing. He considered his pen as a sword and his words as ultimate power.