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A Journey Of 6 People, All From Different Places Bound Together With A Dream In Their Eyes, Set Out Together To Find Out The Place Where Their Dream Would Come True Dharini, Sakhi, Chetan, Kanchan, Nakul And Abhimanyu They Did Not Know Each Other Until They Set Out For This Journey In A Boat. Abhimanyu Became Their Guide During This Journey. They Were Least Aware Of What They Wanted Or Where Would They Go On Like This, But Faith Made It Simple For Them. Without Hesitation, They Continued Their Journey, One Step After Other. It Was Sakhi Who Found Her Destination First. She Met Her Prince Charming On The Way. Kanchan, Finds His Paris, The Philosophers Stone While Chetan Finds The True Colours Of Life. Dharini And Nukul Find Solace In Each Others Company. At The End, Abhimanyu Realizes That He Was The Guide But His Destination Was Bliss That Was At The End Of The Journey. A Wonderful Format Of Literary Work Leaves You Thinking About The Journey Of Life, The Things Which We Really Crave For, The Desire That We Have In Our Minds For The Things Around Us And Every Such Thing That We Have In Our Minds But Have Never Given It Any Serious Thought Until Today. A Must To Read And Later To Retrospect