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Aahe Loktantra Tarihi


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When democracy is threatened… When democracy in India is at the stage we find ourselves in, is it not the right time to tread a different path? We need to look within ourselves and find out. In fact, one needs to examine this in two ways; the first is to reinvent the existing system of representative democracy and the second is to change the very model it is based upon. How would democracy, especially pertaining to our country, be more effective if the model- nay, the entire foundation and methodology of this system of governance, is altered? It would require a whole new program of reforms. The simple truth is that people in general, especially the common man, has become weary of living in a perpetual state of hope…hopeful that the current system of democracy will metamorphose into an ideal state of living. They perceive democracy as an obsolete and ineffectual system of governance that has had no positive impact on the ordinary man’s happiness level. This has led to a condition of restlessness, frustration and despair. If this is not tackled astutely, it may assume the face of an underlying fire that could break out into anarchy.