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Kathavali - Part 1


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Human relationships are the base of so many novels across the globe and each novel is different from other on the grounds like writer’s emotional world, his own experiences, his surroundings etc. Human relations too changes according to all these factors and what it results into is emphatic stories. There are hundreds of such talented writers across the Maharashtra. ‘Kathawali’ is one such attempt to bring these writers in the same book set.

कथावली 1

मानवी संबंध हा कथा-कादंबर्‍यांचा अनादी कालापासूनचा विषयकथा लिहिणार्‍याचं भावविश्‍वत्याचा प्रदेशव्यवसायआयुष्यातले अनुभव या अनुषंगानं कथेचा आशय बदलत जातोत्यानुसार मानवी संबंधांचे कंगोरे उलगडत जातातत्यातूनच सशक्त कथा साकारतातभारतभर असे समर्थ मराठी लेखक आहेत.
अशाच लेखकांच्या कथांचा एकत्रित संच म्हणजे ‘कथावली’!